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I’m so humbled by all the kind words people have to say about what I do. – Krizia

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"Dear Krizia,

You are a great interviewer. I truly loved the conversation with you. One of the best I ever had in my career! Thank you." –

Marie Diamond


Malibu, California

Marie Diamond
avatarKrizia truly serves from the heart and her passion & devotion to teaching business success to women is inspiring! She’s smart, insightful and definitely one to watch!
Mari Smith - Social Media Thought Leader & Author

Mari Smith
avatarI've known Krizia for a few years now, and her talents always amaze me. She's smart, extremely motivated and very creative. I've been so impressed by her current project. She has pulled together some of the most talented women from all over the world and interviewed them! Her ability to get access to anyone, and to pull great information out of them is a true talent. She's incredibly nice and I would pay for her to be my advisor any day of the week!
Alicia Lyttle
CEO, Monetized Marketing

Alicia Lyttle
avatar"Krizia is an amazing person and a fabulous interviewer. She gets to the heart of the matter. She separates herself from the rest because she genuinely cares about her listeners and ensures she delivers “real” value. I’ve been interviewed hundreds (if not thousands) of times and the interview with Krizia was one of my favorite interviews of all times. She has a great gift for creating a conversational flow that really draws out valuable gold nuggets of valuable information (for her listeners). I highly recommend her and appreciate the great gifts she brings to this world."

-- Peggy McColl
Ottawa, Canada

Peggy McColl
avatar"I enjoyed her interview very much! Krizia was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun to talk to!"
Gay Hendricks
Ojai, California
www. Hendricks.com

Gay Hendricks
avatar"When it comes to the new breed of rock star online interviewers and web show hosts Krizia is one of the very best. She has a style that is professional & engaging and she is not only great to listen to but a blast to learn from. She is first class and will help you rock out the world of video." –
David Siteman Garland, creator of The Rise To The Top & Create Awesome Interviews

David Siteman Garland
avatarKrizia is one of the most professional, focused, caring, creative and thoughtful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Always full of ideas, she is way ahead of the curve. Always stretching, searching, she is out to gather information to share with the world to help propel people's dreams forward.

She embodies the philosophy, "The quickest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want." By that I mean, she is a loving, open-hearted, generous person and the world reflects that back to her.

We are lucky to have Krizia combing through the web of the world on our behalf!

Sally Shields
New York, New York, U.S.A.
Speaker, radio personality, publicity specialist and
author of the #1 Amazon.com bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules!

Sally Shields
avatar"Krizia, thanks for creating this forum for women to share stories, advice and insights about the sometimes lonely entrepreneurial journey. By asking questions both straightforward and searching, your audience can get a real sense of the joy, challenges and satisfaction we all experience!"
Elisa Camahort Page
Co-founder of www.BlogHer.com
San Jose, California

Elisa Camahort Page
avatar"Krizia brings such a contagious sense of energy and joy to her interviews that you can't help rising to her level! As her guest, you just have to smile and sit up taller. Clearly she does her homework and her questions give you the opportunity to share your most important messages. The interview is like a conversation between two friends who share a passion rather than a cut and dried question and answer session. Her staff is excellent and as a guest, you receive the information you need in advance and the follow up is superb. Kudos to a high-energy entrepreneur who brings out the best in her guests and who is making a difference for women in leadership as well as entrepreneurship."

Dr. Sharon Hadary
Bethesda, MD
Sharon Hadary & Co.

Dr. Sharon Hadary
avatarKrizia is not only a great interviewer but an amazing person. I had so much fun with her during our time together. I've been interviewed a lot, on national news outlets like CNN, and MSN but I have never felt my information was shown as clearly as it was with Krizia.

Jamie Tardy
Maine, U.S.A.

Jaime Tardy
avatar"Now is the time that Feminine Energy is rising on the planet to finally balance the Masculine Energy that has dominated for the past 2,000 years! I am in gratitude to Krizia for her part in supporting and empowering women as the planet shifts into this new age. Krizia offers a useful, intelligent and rewarding opportunity for women all over the world to come together and uplift one anther. Krizia, I applaud you!"

Michelle Leuschen
MS, San Diego, California

Michelle Leuschen
avatar"I love Krizia’s energy, engagement and authentic passion about whatever topics her guests bring to the table. Krizia’s style of interviewing draws out the speaker, while ensuring the interview itself doesn’t lose the listener – this is a great skill and the results speak for themselves!"

Trish Bishop
St-John, Newfoundland, Canada
Business Intuitive Coach

Trish Bishop
avatar"I’ve been on Miss K’s show twice already and both times it was an exhilarating experience. Krizia is an amazing host making sure you are at ease before and during the interview. Comparing to big media outlets the only difference is that the show takes place online as opposed to being held in person. I am a huge supporter of Krizia’s work. I think what she is doing is just brilliant. She is not only great at reaching experts but also at networking and introducing experts to other experts in the field. I love Miss K’s site and am always looking forward to her interviews because I know I will always hear something I haven’t heard before. Keep it up Krizia!"

Alinka Rutkowska
Author of “Read Me - I Am Magical” & “Maya & Filippo Make Friends in Auckland” www.master-of-thought.com & www.mayafilippo.com

Alinka Rutkowska
avatarI admire Krizia and her wonderful show which is an encouragement to other women. Her whole philosophy seems to be “what can I do for you”!!!!

I appreciated the opportunity of making other women and men aware of abuse, and providing hope to those dealing with it.
I congratulate her on a wonderful show!!!!

Ellen Campbell
Toronto, Canada

Ellen Campbell
avatarI’ve had the honor of being interviewed by Miss Krizia several times and each time she asked very poignant questions driven by the sole intention to provide the most value for her audience
I love how her Women Entrepreneurs HQ system is not only impeccably organized but also quite unique in that we can see both the interviewer *and* the guest at the same time: I think that genius! She loves what she does and does it extremely well, providing a wealth of relevant tools and information to her audience: that’s a Gift!
Miss Krizia is focused on serving…serving her audience, serving her guests, which is why she is not only brilliant at what she does, but also why I will gladly come back again and again (as well as listen to the other interviews for my own personal growth).
Thank you Miss Krizia for being such a light and a great contribution to the empowerment of women!!
Pina De Rosa, M. C. Ht.
International Keynote Speaker, Producer, Results Coach

Pina de Rosa
avatarKrizia has qualities that are hard to find...when learning something new she doesn't get frustrated and quit; rather she asks questions, keeps going and keeps learning. As a result, she's become an expert in what she teaches. You'd be wise to take in everything she has to share.

Dave Kaminski
Indiana, U.S.A.

Dave Kaminski
avatarKrizia is a wonderful host! She is down to earth, authentic and a pleasure to work with! I love that she created a site to help women grow their small businesses by interviewing various professionals skilled in all aspects of creating businesses. Thank You Krizia for allowing me to be a part of your show!


Tricia Trimble
President/Founder - BeautyIntuition.com and Suntegrity Skincare
Marina del Rey, CA

Tricia Trimble
avatarKrizia is a great interview host. She made me feel right at ease, and made the whole process fun. Krizia is probably the best interviewer I’ve ever spoken with for getting the message across in an interesting and simple way. I can’t recommend her highly enough in that sense.

Although I wasn’t sure about doing a video over Skype while we were both on screen (after all, I’m in the UK and she was in Canada), everything went really well. Krizia did an excellent job of making it natural, and even handling the time delay between us with some professional flair.

I’ve done quite a few interviews with both large media outlets and smaller shows, and the big difference between Krizia’s approach and how most of them do it is that you feel like you’re chatting to your best friend, even though she’s asking questions that are getting right to the heart of the subject under discussion.

The other thing that I really loved about doing this interview, was knowing that I could help support Krizias’ purpose of providing valuable knowledge to women starting and running their own businesses, and I am proud to be featured alongside the other amazing women that appear on Women Entrepreneurs’ HQ.

Tamsin Fox-Davies, London UK, www.tamsinfoxdavies.com

Tamsin Fox Davies
avatarI would like to say a huge thank you to Krizia for inviting me to be interviewed on Women Entrepreneurs HQ. Krizia was not only professional but knowledgeable on my topic which made sharing digital marketing with her community a delight. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Krizia or be interviewed by her, definitely say ‘yes’. Not only is she lovely, but she is one smart women making a huge impact helping women entrepreneurs get their message out there.
Pam Brossman CEO,

Pam Brossman
avatarKrizia, your intention is true and that is what comes across for the viewer. What I feel is that the more you can relate with whoever is watching, yet subtly push them to get out of their own way and find their magnificence will always be sought after ... you are on your way girl! You give a solution to what your women are looking for and wham ... there the women are ... growing thriving businesses!!! I agree fully with what you are doing for women through your interviews!
Darlene Ondi Calgary, AB Canada

Darlene Ondi
avatar"My interview with Krizia was great. She is such an energetic, passionate and fun person to talk to and I very much enjoyed her questions and interview style. And I love what she does with WomenEntrepreneursHQ in general. The world really needs this kind of entrepreneurial inspiration very much!

Yamile Yemoonyah
avatar"Krizia did a great job of interviewing me. During the interview, she made me feel very comfortable and managed to get some really nice golden nuggets of information out of me."
- Gideon Shalwick, Australia,

Gideon Shalwick
avatarI had an amazing interview with Krizia! She pulled stuff out of me I have never shared before, all due to her enthusiasm for helping women in business succeed. Her interview style is comfortable and authentic, like two girlfriends having a chat. I am always happy to share with women like Krizia who are on a mission to inspire others to reach higher heights!
Vicki Irvin, Ft. Washington, MD

Vicki Irvin
avatar"I've known Krizia for five years, and I couldn't be happier to see her emerging as a leader in the women's entrepreneur movement. She's a diamond ready to shine. Her work on behalf of women and entrepreneurs is making a big difference in changing the game of business. She is a terrific interviewer, always engaging and well prepared. Krizia fulfills her promises, and delivers with heart and soul. If you have a chance to work with MissK, jump at it."

Mitch Axelrod, Author of The NEW Game of Business™
Creator of The NEW Game™ series

Mitch Axelrod
avatar"What draws me to Krizia's work is that she puts my needs as a listener first."
Andrew Warner
Founder, Mixergy.com

Andrew Warner
avatar “Being interviewed by Krizia of Women Entrepreneurs HQ was so much fun. I was impressed with her thorough preparation for the interview. It helped me get clear on the messages and gifts I wanted to offer her audience of women. The whole process was structured, friendly and highly professional. Krizia knows how to ask the right questions to help you get your message across and provide great value for her reader. I enjoyed begin interviewed and would do it again any time.”

Nicole Grace
Co-founder of the InFullFlight

Nicola Grace
avatarKrizia is an astute, heartfelt and smart interviewer. She does the research and comes prepared to elicit the best from her subject to share with her audience. It is a wonderful case of win-win-win. Enjoy!

Marilyn Tam, international author, speaker and former CEO of Aveda, President of Reebok Apparel & Retail Group and Vice President of Nike

Keep on being all that you are!


Marilyn Tam

Marilyn Tam
avatarWe feel really privileged to have been interviewed by this great lady who uplifts everyone she works with by the freshness and energy that she exhibits. Krizia’s interviews have proved to be inspirational to so many people, she asks pertinent questions that are not only enjoyable to answer but also provide interesting listening for her audience and we know that even in the UK many women entrepreneurs have taken heart from her inspirational messages and support tackling issues important to all women in business no matter what country they reside in.
A brilliant business woman with an incredible vision for the future
Keep up the passion
Paula & Angela
Inspiring Women In Business

Paula George and Angela Farrell
avatarKrizia, thank you so much for the great experience to work with you.

Your passion for what you do shines through in everything and I really appreciate how you connect successful women world-wide. It has been an absolute pleasure going through the interview process with you and thanks a lot for
the great follow-through.

All the best,
Sonja van den Bosch, Twinlife Marketing

Sonja van den Bosch
avatarDear Krizia -

Thanks for such a fantastic interview! It was an awesome experience.... I appreciate the depth of your questions and the space you created for such a rich and juicy conversation. I so appreciate the value you're bringing to women entrepreneurs - keep it up!

bright blessings and love,

Elizabeth Purvis
Portland, OR

Elizabeth Purvis
avatarWorking with Krizia was a joy. She asks interesting and thought-provoking questions. Her passion for women’s entrepreneurship shines through her questions as well as her smile!

Dr. Lois Zachary
Leadership Development Services
Motivate, Inspire and Grow

Dr. Lois Zachary
avatar“I can't say enough about Krizia's energy and passion for what she does. Her enthusiam is infectious. She is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable in the Internet marketing realm. Her collaborative work style, professionalism, and reliability was a great asset to our virtual team.”

Rebecca Trelfa
President Virtual Dynamos Worldwide, Inc.

Rebecca Trelfa
avatar“Krizia helped our affiliate program during a startup phase, and was able to connect us with a number of affiliates. She showed accountability and follow through on everything we gave her, and helped us open doors.” August 19, 2010
Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Declan Dunn (via via Linked In)

Declan Dunn
avatarI attended Krizia’s Video Marketing presentation at eWomenNetwork in March 2012 and then had a coaching session with her. In the 30 minutes we spent together on the phone, she was able to identify and show me the areas of improvement on my YouTube Channel to Attract MORE Traffic. I am now able to better market my services with my current and videos. She showed me how to take advantages of the many features of the Youtube Channel. Krizia’s coaching was to the point and easy to follow and implement.

Laure Ampilhac, Co-Founder
HA Solutions Inc.

Laure Ampilhac

The interview is lovely. Thank you for creating the space for me to express my project and feel relaxed and free enough to share and inspire. It looks like you are on the verge of creating something great. I think you will be very successful!

Thank you for allowing me to be on the journey with you!

Mary Ann Halpin
Goddess of the camera

Mary Ann Halpin
avatarThank you so much Krizia!!! You let the best parts of me come out ... it was because or your invitational energy I was able to come out and play on the interview :-)

Dane Maxwell
Founder of The Foundation & Paperless Pipeline

Dane Maxwell
avatarI like what you are doing! You have a great collection of content rich interviews on your website, showing your long-term commitment to truly supporting entrepreneurs.

My best,
Virpi Tervonen
CEO, Integrated Returns

Virpi Tervonen
avatarKrizia is a great host -- she took the time in advance to create good questions, but felt comfortable to improvise from her script when she wanted to dig deeper which means she really listens to people when interviewing them. The outcome was a great and professional looking video interview. She really is all about providing value to her audience. It's a combination of content and inspiration!

Saba Rehmani

Saba Rehmani
avatarKrizia was a very professional host that did due-diligence research before our interview. She knew the right questions to ask and kept the conversation flowing smoothly from beginning to end. The video quality is excellent and looks very professional. I have done interviews with Fox News Live and other large outlets, Krizia's interview felt a bit relaxed compared to the larger ones, but she was just as professional as the Fox reporters were. Krizia has a fantastic show that helps many women grow their business and set that entrepreneurial spirit alive. It is a fantastic opportunity for new business owners to get valuable information and resources.

Nellie Akalp

Nellie Akalp

"Krizia is a very big hearted spirit who brings enthusiasm and high energy to every project. She will delight you with her inquisitive innocents that is a light in the illumination of truth. Many Blessings to You Krizia."

Ken Johnston

The Healings Codes

Ken Johnson

“Krizia’s passion for her topic of expertise is obvious.”

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Krizia during the 2011 Passion, Purpose and Profits Conference. Krizia’s passion for her topic of expertise is obvious. She is high energy and she has the uncanny ability of quickly capturing the crowd’s attention and keeping them interested during the entire presentation. Although, Krizia’s topic requires some technology, she’s able to explain video marketing in a simple way that makes everyone believe they can do it! Video is the new marketing and Krizia is leading the audience to the promise land! Daniel Gutierrez Author, Speaker, World Transformational Leader and Radio Personality Los Angeles, California

Daniel Gutierrez
avatar“Krizia is a dynamic speaker!”
“Krizia is a dynamic speaker! Krizia informed and entertained the eWomenNetwork Toronto chapter with her unique presentation style. Our guests left with tangible information to excel their business. I truly recommend booking Krizia as a speaker for your next event. She has what it takes to add value to your members and guests.” Mary Morassutti Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork Toronto chapter

Mary Morassutti
avatar“Miss K is a tremendous presenter.”
"From the platform, Miss K is a tremendous presenter that takes her Entrepreneurial expertise and distills it into nuggets of pure gold that the audience can embody and put into action immediately. Here talks are entertaining, informative and most importantly valuable!" Scott Schilling Global Speaker & Business Growth Expert

Scott Schilling
“You were perfect and the crowd loved you!”
You rocked the joint tonight at the eWomen Network Toronto event! GREAT presentation! You were perfect and the crowd loved you! Your presentation was just the exact right combination of fun and upbeat and authoritative and informative. What I was especially impressed by was the fact that you did it all without your AV support! Your are amazing! Susan Crossman Crossman Communications Oakville, Ontario

Susan Crossman
“I drove 3 hours to hear what you had to say!”
I attended the eWomen Network meeting last night and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your presentation. You were awesome. I drove 3 hours to hear what you had to say and it was worth every minute of the drive. You were informative and you inspired me to get moving on using this platform to grow my business. I was most impressed with the fact that the technology challenges that happened did not deter you from your professional presentation. I think what resonated the most with me was hearing what you had all accomplished and not having a big media company behind you making it all happen for you - you made it happen for yourself - you figured out how to get it done and you did it. I spent the next 36 hours planning for my second quarter and I have included video marketing as a large part of the 90 day plan. I am looking forward to enrolling in the course you have coming up. Eleanor Parker Eleanor & Company Relationship Marketing Strategist, Referral Specialist, and Published Author "Helping business owners and career professionals build 'relationship capital' by nurturing sincere and authentic relationships with their clients."

Eleanor Parker
avatar“What I love about Krizia is that she makes things simple for you to understand.”
Krizia is a captivating speaker. Her passion and knowledge for the subject of video is beyond anyone I have every seen. What I love about Krizia is that she makes things simple for you to understand, so you understand how it will exactly work in your own business. If you are at all considering moving into the video arena, I highly recommend Krizia and her products. Gail Sophia Edgell www.GailEdgell.com

Gail Sophia Edgell
avatar“Thank you Krizia for a powerful and content rich presentation!”
Seeing Krizia speak live was incredible. She is not only a firecracker on stage, which makes her fun and engaging to listen to, but she really knows her stuff, too! Krizia is a video marketing queen. She knows the ins and outs and will be able to guide you to being your own video guru in no time. Thank you Krizia for a powerful and content rich presentation! Jennifer Trask CEO Jennifer Trask Consulting

Jennifer Trask
avatar“I felt that it was money VERY well spent.”
"When you attend a workshop - especially one where you financially commit, you tend to go into that workshop with an expectation of learning and leaving with a tangible outcome. I had the pleasure to attend a conference where Miss Krizia was one of the featured speakers and with her presentation, I felt that it was money VERY well spent. She was engaging, informative and most importantly open to questions and interaction. At the end of her presentation, I was more knowledgeable and able to move forward with a concrete plan of action. I highly recommend Miss Krizia as a speaker and I know you will get more than you ever expected." Dana Tremblay Chief Gratitude Officer Gratitude and Soulshine Inc.

Dana Tremblay

“2 of my invitees joined the organization!”
It was fantabulous! Krizia MissK had us in stitches with her little fascinator, 2 of my invitees joined the organization, AND I also was thrilled to see how much more networking went on way after the meeting ended. THAT shows the power of what this group is all about. So many other networking meetings end and everyone just goes their merry way. Not so with this eWomenNetwork group! We really know the power of good connections among women. S. Susan Winlaw President of BAM Publishing

Susan Winlaw
avatar“Because of her, I went right out and started immediate preparations for my own videos.”
Krizia is a dynamic speaker, presenter, and thought leader in the area of marketing and promotions. Because of her, I went right out and started immediate preparations for my own videos. She is ahead of the curve, and I'm looking forward to seeing what she does next. I'll definitely be looking to her for guidance. Tash Jefferies Founder, Green Minutes Canada

Tash Jefferies

“I believe any venue would benefit by having Krizia speak at an event.”
I had the fortune to be present at a short seminar put on by Krizia of CreateProfitableVideos.com. She was a wonderful speaker. Even though the venue’s technology did not cooperate, Krizia had great presences that made her information interesting and enjoyable. Her topic “Three Reasons WHY Video Marketing boosts profits” was very timely. YouTube and vlogging is becoming a powerful way to do marketing for a business and it is also now so easy for anyone to be able to produce their own video, yet so many of us don’t do it enough or at all. Krizia gave us lots of ways to make it possible, using a lot of video or just a little, working on your own or with help, using purchased software applications or just free programs. Now that we have the ‘why’ and some of the ‘how’ getting all the tools, tricks, and expertise of Krizia to implement would be the next step for anyone interested in moving their business marketing where their clients are searching – in video. Krizia – Thanks for motivating me to get my camera out and create some more vlogs. I believe any venue would benefit by having Krizia speak at an event. She is personable, knowledgeable, and entertaining – giving lots of value to her listeners. Barb Stuhlemmer (CCCTA) Success Mentor and Systems Sage

Barb Stuhlemmer
avatar“She projects a sense of authority when it comes to video marketing.” !!!
Krizia’s content was very informative and insightful. She speaks from personal experience and has a way of turning the seemingly overwhelming world of video into something simple and doable. She engages the attention of her audience through her clear delivery. She has a great presence and is a very effective speaker. She projects a sense of authority when it comes to video marketing. Keep up the great work Krizia. You rock! Roslyn D’Souza, Reliable Virtual Solutions

Roslyn D'Souza
avatar“The way you grab your audience’s attention is so humourous, informative, fun and powerful!!!
I definitely feel that the way you grab your audience’s attention is so humourous, informative, fun and powerful!!! I had the mutual pleasure chatting with you after the event and I am looking forward to the time that we can meet any time sooner in person as your personality is very appealing to me and I would love to have you among my close people of mentoring, networking and support circle! Ms. Mouna Fikri CEO & Founder Spa RiadAssihaWal Jamal

Mouna Fikri

“Krizia is a warm and genuine speaker.”
Krizia is a warm and genuine speaker whose message about the power of video was an "aha" moment that has inspired me to skyrocket my business to the next level. Thanks for that golden nugget of wisdom Krizia! Deborah Boland Fabulousafter40.com

Deborah Boland
avatar“It was quite educational.”
Krizia, thank you very much for information well received and necessary. It was quite educational. Erene Morgan CEO, LOCSURIA - LUXURY FOR HAIR

Erene Morgan
avatar“The wealth of information you shared so generously was worth more than gold!”
Krizia, I must let you know that my experience of you was a delightful pleasure. Why? It was your confidence, you speaking powerfully & authentically that impressed and instantly inspired me. Best of all - the wealth of information you shared so generously was worth more than gold! Thank you for shining so brightly and lighting the way for others! Julie Ward Toronto, Canada www.JulieWard.com

Julie Ward

”You are such a wealth of knowledge.”
Thank you so much Krizia! It was such a pleasure meeting you and I enjoyed your presentation very much! You are such a wealth of knowledge. Marishka Glynne Oakville, Canada Intuitive Consultant, Speaker and Author

Marishka Glynne

You really engaged with the audience!
I think that your presentation about YouTube videos for Enterprise Toronto wasconcise, entertaining and very informative. I have been to thousands of events in the capacity as a photographer or videographer and would consider your style a perfect blend of information and pacing. You really engaged with the audience. Your PowerPoint images added a great visual element and I thoroughly enjoyed the talk! Peter Mykusz www.tributevideo.com

Peter Mykusz
avatarMiss Krizia is a knowledgeable and accomplished presenter!
“Miss Krizia is a knowledgeable and accomplished presenter with a passion for helping entrepreneurs develop their potential through video. Her down to earth practical approach has much to offer new video makers and seasoned ones.” Kathy Nicholaichuk, former Videochick770 on YouTube. Toronto, Ontario

Kathy Nicholaichuk
avatar“Her talk provides a good lesson about the impact of online video on marketing today!”
Krizia exudes energy and is inspiring. She demonstrates what one can achieve by acquiring knowledge, guidance and by simply trying. Her talk provides a good lesson about the impact of online video on marketing today and how all businesses no matter how small can benefit from it. I was impressed with her knowledge and accomplishments and recommend her seminar to all. Leslie Savlov President, Graphic Flow Design Ltd. Toronto, Canada

Leslie Savlov

I wasn't getting the results I was looking for with my social media efforts because I just didn't have any more time to juggle more marketing activities. Krizia helped me free–up my time by helping me structure the systems that would allow me to hand over the work to my assistant so that she could take over all of my social media activities while still maintaining my voice. This has allowed me to attract new clients because I now have a consistent presence on social media platforms where my ideal clients hangout. Carey Buck Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ATMBusinessBlueprint.com

Carey Buck

"When I decided to do my "first Google+ Hangout it was at a time when I was especially busy in my business, and I didn't have a lot of time to spend online learning something new. I knew if anyone already knew about this new platform it would be Krizia. As soon as I contacted her she provided me with valuable information I needed so that I was able to shorten my learning curve dramatically. Thanks Krizia!" Sharon Vornholt Innovative Property Solutions, LLC Louisville, Kentucky

Sharon Vornholt

Well … yesterday was a huge day for me! I was so excited about the live call from America (I’m in the land Down Under…Australia) scheduled for 6 am my time, that I kept waking up during the night and from about 3am onwards, just couldn’t get back to sleep! Krizia, if you were stressed out due to your technical difficulties at the start of your webinar, then you certainly did not show it – cool as a cucumber! I want to thank you Krizia for hosting the YouTube for Virtual Assistants webinar and for all your hard work and effort – I am certainly one little newbie VA who is very appreciative of having such information in place, to make my life as a VA, a little easier and for the prospect of a more successful VA business!!! Paulette Smith Virtual Assistant Phoenix VA Solutions, Australia

Paulette Smith

"Krizia has her audience in mind during her interviews ensuring that valuable, actionable content is extracted from the guest. Watch, learn, and act." Steve Young | Director of Product Marketing | SmartShoot wwww.SmartShoot.com

Steve Young
"Krizia was a wonderful interviewer and very organized. She asked great questions that would be very valuable to her audience and we had a blast! I really enjoyed my time with her and she did a great job of promoting the interview when it was live on her site. I would definitely recommend working with Krizia if you have a chance!" Andrea Vahl Business Consultant & Best Selling Co-Author of Facebook Marketing For Dummies

Andrea Vahl
avatarMy interview with Krizia was a wonderful experience. It's refreshing to be interviewed with someone with such vibrant energy that is well prepared. She made me feel so comfortable that I felt like I was simply talking to an old friend.

Richard Krawczyk
"Mr. Blueprint"
Author of Ultimate Success Blueprint™
Creator of the ELATE System™
Business Strategist

Richard Krawczyk
avatarKrizia, Thanks so much for a WONDERFUL chat. You got me to say things I probably shouldn't have (but am glad I did) ;-). Keep up the great work. I know you're helping a LOT of people.

Feel The World!

Steven Sashen, CEO
Xero Shoes • Original Barefootware

Steven Sashen