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Out of the thousands of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with the experience, insight, charm, warmth, and uniqueness of Krizia (aka Miss K).

Krizia is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars and events, and industry-specific trainings.

Krizia loves speaking and she loves entertaining a crowd!

Krizia’s energy is contagious! Your audience won’t need espresso when Krizia is on stage

Through her dynamic presentations, Krizia draws on her personal experiences, that of the work she does with her clients, that of the several hundreds of people she’s interviewed and business excellence to share with audiences those essential elements that comprise the vision of entrepreneurial success!

In every talk, Krizia draws upon her business experience, personal wisdom and know-how combined with industry facts and information to help your audience both emotionally identify with the intended message and rationalize the need to alter behaviours, modify strategies and TAKE ACTION!

It would be her honour to help make your event a high octave one!


In July 2013 in Chicago, I shared the stage at the MOST important worldwide conference (attended by 6000+ women) for bloggers with Guy Kawasaki (Social Media Expert & Bestselling Author), Sheryl Sandberg (COO of FaceBook) and Randi Zuckerberg (Social Media Expert and Mark Zuckerberg’s sister)!  During the BlogHer conference, I shared tips to help other bloggers contemplating selling their blogs as a lucrative and viable exit strategy.



Speaking Topics

1. Seven Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Online Marketing That Prevents Them From Attracting More Ideal & High-Quality Clients!

You have 7-15 seconds to catch the attention of a person visiting your website for the first time.

That’s a very short period of time to convey a strong message.

Once that visitor leaves your site, there are slim chances they’ll ever come back unless you give them a compelling reason to do so.

The #1 role of your website should be to serve your business … and that means help you generate more revenues in order to grow a profitable business.

Since it can take up 7-28 interactions before a visitor becomes a buying client, your website must be set-up to capture your visitors information and then you have the opportunity to engage in a series of conversations that will allow you to pre-qualify your ideal & high quality clients.

If your web presence and online marketing aren’t strategically focused at growing your business, you’ll consistently be frustrated with your results and you’ll sit back disillusioned while your competitors claim a bigger portion of your industry’s market.

In this presentation, Krizia talks about the 7 Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Online Marketing That Prevents Them From Attracting More Ideal & High-Quality Clients and how they can take a more strategic and laser focused approach to their current marketing efforts to see BIG results in a short period of time!

2. How to Become THE Authority in Your Industry By Writing Your Own Non-Fiction Book

As a successful business owner, there’s no faster way to establish your Authority than to write a non-fiction book.

Authoring your own book will allow you to:

* Stand out in your industry as a market leader.

* Establish your Authority Status among people who you want paying attention to you and your message!

* Make it easier for big media outlets (including blogs, radio, TV and newspapers) to find out about your expertise and potentially invite you as a guest expert.

If you’ve built a successful business or master a skill better than anyone else, writing a book would seal your Authority status very quickly.

The problem for most successful business owners who have the desire to write a book is not knowing where to start.

In this presentation, Krizia talks about the amazing business boosting benefits of writing a book and “How To Write A Book In 30 Days That Sells & Grows Your Business”!

3. Three Ways Video Can Attract MORE Clients & Profits

As a former Video Show Host and current virtual video book tour conductor, Krizia is the right person to highlight the importance of this crucial marketing strategy and break it down in very simple strategies.

Krizia has been successfully using video marketing in her business since 2008 to reach out to her ideal clients in a cost effective way.

In fact, when she sold her two online magazines to American investors in May 2011, they insisted on acquiring her YouTube channels as part of the sale!

Since launching her online video shows in May 2011 (right after the sales of her online magazines) and more recently her Livestream Virtual Video Book Tours (July 2013), Krizia has conducted several hundreds of video interviews

Video and YouTube Marketing are imperative to the growth of a business these days. With the popularity of smart phones and tablets, we can take our learning and entertainment on the go!

Since we all have shorter attention span than ever before and most people would rather watch a short video than read copy, video and video marketing have become crucial strategies for entrepreneurs & businesses.

Start-ups, Authors, Consultants, Coaches, Practitioners, Doctors, Lawyers, Speakers, Experts, Retailers, Merchants, Direct Selling (MLM) Professionals, Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Investors, Offline businesses and larger companies are always looking at cost effective ways of reaching out new clients and video is the holy grail of solutions!

Krizia draws on her expertise and business experience to deliver a presentation that is dynamic, fun, entertaining and that encourages attendees to action.

The time for video & YouTube marketing is NOW!

My presentation at BlogHer ’13 in Chicago – Panel Discussion About Selling Your Blog

My presentation at Ryerson University’s 2013 PodCamp Conference that attracts over 1,200 entrepreneurs & students:

Watch the video in full HD & higher resolution on VimeoRyerson University’s 2013 PodCamp Conference


My presentation at Company of Women:

Compilation of a 40 minutes speaking engagement:

You can contact her assistant via our contact to book Krizia: Contact Krizia to Speak at Your Next Event

Feedback from Attendees at an Enterprise Toronto Speaking Engagement

On February 7, 2013 I did a presentation for Enterprise Toronto on YouTube Marketing and here’s the feedback the organizers received:

Approximately 80% ‘ were wowed’,15% felt I exceeded expectations and 5% felt I met expectations.

Some comments included:
– great
– lots of useful information
– very knowledgeable and great examples
– amazing speaker and very engaging
– very good

Wonderful Praise!


Here are a few kind words attendees to my speaking engagements had to say:

“Krizia’s passion for her topic of expertise is obvious.”

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Krizia during the 2011 Passion, Purpose and Profits Conference. Krizia’s passion for her topic of expertise is obvious. She is high energy and she has the uncanny ability of quickly capturing the crowd’s attention and keeping them interested during the entire presentation. Although, Krizia’s topic requires some technology, she’s able to explain video marketing in a simple way that makes everyone believe they can do it! Video is the new marketing and Krizia is leading the audience to the promise land!


Daniel Gutierrez
Author, Speaker, World Transformational Leader and Radio Personality
Los Angeles, California


“Krizia is a dynamic speaker!”

“Krizia is a dynamic speaker! Krizia informed and entertained the eWomenNetwork Toronto chapter with her unique presentation style. Our guests left with tangible information to excel their business. I truly recommend booking Krizia as a speaker for your next event. She has what it takes to add value to your members and guests.”

Mary Morassutti
Executive Managing Director,
eWomenNetwork Toronto chapter


“Miss K is a tremendous presenter.”

“From the platform, Miss K is a tremendous presenter that takes her Entrepreneurial expertise and distills it into nuggets of pure gold that the audience can embody and put into action immediately. Here talks are entertaining, informative and most importantly valuable!”

Scott Schilling
Global Speaker & Business Growth Expert



“You were perfect and the crowd loved you!”

You rocked the joint tonight at the eWomen Network Toronto event! GREAT presentation! You were perfect and the crowd loved you! Your presentation was just the exact right combination of fun and upbeat and authoritative and informative. What I was especially impressed by was the fact that you did it all without your AV support! Your are amazing!

Susan Crossman
Crossman Communications
Oakville, Ontario



“Thank you Krizia for a powerful and content rich presentation!”

Seeing Krizia speak live was incredible. She is not only a firecracker on stage, which makes her fun and engaging to listen to, but she really knows her stuff, too! Krizia is a video marketing queen. She knows the ins and outs and will be able to guide you to being your own video guru in no time. Thank you Krizia for a powerful and content rich presentation!

Jennifer Trask
CEO Jennifer Trask Consulting



“What I love about Krizia is that she makes things simple for you to understand.”

Krizia is a captivating speaker. Her passion and knowledge for the subject of video is beyond anyone I have every seen. What I love about Krizia is that she makes things simple for you to understand, so you understand how it will exactly work in your own business. If you are at all considering moving into the video arena, I highly recommend Krizia and her products.

Gail Sophia Edgell



“I felt that it was money VERY well spent.”

“When you attend a workshop – especially one where you financially commit, you tend to go into that workshop with an expectation of learning and leaving with a tangible outcome. I had the pleasure to attend a conference where Miss Krizia was one of the featured speakers and with her presentation, I felt that it was money VERY well spent. She was engaging, informative and most importantly open to questions and interaction. At the end of her presentation, I was more knowledgeable and able to move forward with a concrete plan of action. I highly recommend Miss Krizia as a speaker and I know you will get more than you ever expected.”

Dana Tremblay
Chief Gratitude Officer
Gratitude and Soulshine Inc.


“I drove 3 hours to hear what you had to say!”

I attended the eWomenNetwork meeting last night and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your presentation. You were awesome. I drove 3 hours to hear what you had to say and it was worth every minute of the drive. You were informative and you inspired me to get moving on using this platform to grow my business. I was most impressed with the fact that the technology challenges that happened did not deter you from your professional presentation. I think what resonated the most with me was hearing what you had all accomplished and not having a big media company behind you making it all happen for you – you made it happen for yourself – you figured out how to get it done and you did it. I spent the next 36 hours planning for my second quarter and I have included video marketing as a large part of the 90 day plan. I am looking forward to enrolling in the course you have coming up.

Eleanor Parker
Eleanor & Company
Relationship Marketing Strategist, Referral Specialist, and Published Author
“Helping business owners and career professionals build ‘relationship capital’ by nurturing sincere and authentic relationships with their clients.”


“2 of my invitees joined the organization!”

It was fantabulous! Krizia MissK had us in stitches with her little fascinator, 2 of my invitees joined the organization, AND I also was thrilled to see how much more networking went on way after the meeting ended. THAT shows the power of what this group is all about. So many other networking meetings end and everyone just goes their merry way. Not so with this eWomenNetwork group! We really know the power of good connections among women. S.


Susan Winlaw
President of BAM Publishing


“Because of her, I went right out and started immediate preparations for my own videos.”

Krizia is a dynamic speaker, presenter, and thought leader in the area of marketing and promotions. Because of her, I went right out and started immediate preparations for my own videos. She is ahead of the curve, and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next. I’ll definitely be looking to her for guidance.

Tash Jefferies
Founder, Green Minutes Canada



“I believe any venue would benefit by having Krizia speak at an event.”

I had the fortune to be present at a short seminar put on by Krizia of CreateProfitableVideos.com. She was a wonderful speaker. Even though the venue’s technology did not cooperate, Krizia had great presences that made her information interesting and enjoyable.

Her topic “Three Reasons WHY Video Marketing boosts profits” was very timely. YouTube and vlogging is becoming a powerful way to do marketing for a business and it is also now so easy for anyone to be able to produce their own video, yet so many of us don’t do it enough or at all.

Krizia gave us lots of ways to make it possible, using a lot of video or just a little, working on your own or with help, using purchased software applications or just free programs. Now that we have the ‘why’ and some of the ‘how’ getting all the tools, tricks, and expertise of Krizia to implement would be the next step for anyone interested in moving their business marketing where their clients are searching – in video.

Krizia – Thanks for motivating me to get my camera out and create some more vlogs.

I believe any venue would benefit by having Krizia speak at an event. She is personable, knowledgeable, and entertaining – giving lots of value to her listeners.

Barb Stuhlemmer (CCCTA)
Success Mentor and Systems Sage

“She projects a sense of authority when it comes to video marketing.” !!!

Krizia’s content was very informative and insightful. She speaks from personal experience and has a way of turning the seemingly overwhelming world of video into something simple and doable. She engages the attention of her audience through her clear delivery. She has a great presence and is a very effective speaker. She projects a sense of authority when it comes to video marketing.

Keep up the great work Krizia. You rock!

Roslyn D’Souza
Reliable Virtual Solutions

“The way you grab your audience’s attention is so humourous, informative, fun and powerful!!!

I definitely feel that the way you grab your audience’s attention is so humourous, informative, fun and powerful!!! I had the mutual pleasure chatting with you after the event and I am looking forward to the time that we can meet any time sooner in person as your personality is very appealing to me and I would love to have you among my close people of mentoring, networking and support circle!

Ms. Mouna Fikri
CEO & Founder
Spa RiadAssihaWal Jamal


“Krizia is a warm and genuine speaker.”

Krizia is a warm and genuine speaker whose message about the power of video was an “aha” moment that has inspired me to skyrocket my business to the next level.

Thanks for that golden nugget of wisdom Krizia!

Deborah Boland


“It was quite educational.”

Krizia, thank you very much for information well received and necessary. It was quite educational.

Erene Morgan




“Krizia is definitely one of a kind. She is not only an expert in the field of video and You Tube marketing strategies, Krizia is the authority. Krizia’s speaker delivery style is clear, concise, appropriate to the audience, entertaining and humourous. Her content is very valuable as it is rich in practical applications. I was able to understand her message and immediately apply it to my business. Krizia readily shares her knowledge and expertise for she truly wants us all to succeed.”

Diane M. Koz
The Art of Teamwork

Praise from recent Webinars


Thank you so much Krizia.  I very much enjoyed your on line training tonight.

Probably the most important thing I learned from tonight’s training was a shift in my perception.  I believe now that I can do video, it can be inexpensive, and I can have support for any & all aspects involved.

Creating & using video is definitely “the powerful tool” I want to incorporate to grow my business.



Jani McCarty

Love & Light TLC
Transformational Life Coach


The value of video content to bump up the SEO of my website and my sales!  I’m thrilled to hear that it won’t cost an arm and a leg to do this type of advertising as I have a tight budget!

Veta Borysiuk

Longarm Supplies




I have learned a great deal and I thank you for that. I have learnt that 55% of YouTube users are 35 and over.  Now that is important for me because that is the market that I would like my company to reach out to as well.

Thanks for your time.

Erene Morgan
Locsuria Natural Haircare System Inc.



I learnt how effective social media can be.


Ashley D’Silva

President, Insurance & Investment Advisor

Planning Path Financial



You inspire me! I am so excited to learn how to create profitable videos… I checked out your YouTube channel and you practice what you preach (teach)… you have thousands of views! Awesome!!

Melodee Forbes

Author of the bestselling book, “My Dad Is The Reason I’m Not A Slut”



She shared valuable tips!

Today I had the privilege of listening to Krizia while she was hosting an introductory call on how to use YouTube and maximize it’s benefits for our our clients. It was filled with a lot of information and she shared valuable tips to help you to be able to take that new step in having YouTube as a service that can be provided to your clients. Thanks Krizia, great call. Looking forward to your program.

Stacey D. Virgo
Orlando, Florida


Well … yesterday was a huge day for me!  I was so excited about the live call from America (I’m in the land Down Under…Australia) scheduled for 6 am my time, that I kept waking up during the night and from about 3am onwards, just couldn’t get back to sleep!

Krizia, if you were stressed out due to your technical difficulties at the start of your webinar, then you certainly did not show it – cool as a cucumber!

I want to thank you Krizia for hosting the YouTube for Virtual Assistants webinar and for all your hard work and effort – I am certainly one little newbie VA who is very appreciative of having such information in place, to make my life as a VA, a little easier and for the prospect of a more successful VA business!!!
Paulette Smith
Virtual Assistant
Phoenix VA Solutions, Australia


“Krizia has her audience in mind during her interviews ensuring that valuable, actionable content is extracted from the guest. Watch, learn, and act.”
Steve Young | Director of Product Marketing | SmartShoot



“Krizia was a wonderful interviewer and very organized.  She asked great questions that would be very valuable to her audience and we had a blast!  I really enjoyed my time with her and she did a great job of promoting the interview when it was live on her site.  I would definitely recommend working with Krizia if you have a chance!”
Andrea Vahl
Business Consultant & Best Selling Co-Author of Facebook Marketing For Dummies



My interview with Krizia was a wonderful experience. It’s refreshing to be interviewed with someone with such vibrant energy that is well prepared. She made me feel so comfortable that I felt like I was simply talking to an old friend.

Richard Krawczyk
“Mr. Blueprint”
Author of Ultimate Success Blueprint™
Creator of the ELATE System™
Business Strategist

2011 Speaking Engagements!

November 2011 –  Laura Gisborne’s Passion, Purpose & Profits (Scotsdales Arizona)

May 2011 – Braveheart Women Show with Ellie Drake in Los Angeles on May 28, 2011

BraveHeart Women has featured the following thought-leaders and celebrities, including Dr. Maya Angelou, Leeza Gibbons, Mariel Hemingway, Susan Anton, and Lisa Nichols of ‘The Secret’.

July 2011 – Expert speaker during the Social Online Conference from July8-10, 2011