Clients Rave Reviews

You’ll find below Rave Reviews from consultancy clients and a few clients who bought my training programs!

I look forward to putting my experience in online marketing, online promotions and digital publishing to work for you!

The First Thing You Should Know About Me Is That I Passionately, Irrationally And Audaciously CARE!

In the 30 minutes we spent together on the phone, she was able to identify and show me the areas of improvement to Attract MORE Traffic. I am now able to better market my services. Krizia’s coaching was to the point and easy to follow and implement. Laure Ampilhac, Real Estate Investment Expert, Co-Founder of MoxiiPro & Real Estate Mixer


“I can’t say enough about Krizia’s energy and passion for what she does. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable in the Internet marketing realm. Her collaborative work style, professionalism, and reliability was a great asset to our virtual team.” Rebecca Trelfa President Virtual Dynamos Worldwide, Inc.


“Krizia helped our affiliate program during a start-up phase, and was able to connect us with a number of affiliates. She showed accountability and follow through on everything we gave her, and helped us open doors.” Declan Dunn


“You know behind every big launch, big campaigns, there’s got to be some type of a programmer or affiliate manager. In my case I’ve been very fortunate to work with a woman who goes by one name that’s Krizia. Krizia the fantastic. She has helped us do several multi-million dollar launches and quite frankly I couldn’t have done it without her. If you’re looking for somebody to help you run your program, to help you build your business, who quietly in the background with very– quite frankly, very forcefully do the job that needs to be done, you couldn’t think of a better person. I highly recommend her.” — Gary Ryan Blair, president of the Goals Guy, creator of the 100 Day Challenge.


“I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for with my social media efforts because I just didn’t have any more time to juggle more marketing activities. Krizia helped me free–up my time by helping me structure the systems that would allow me to hand over the work to my assistant so that she could take over all of my social media activities while still maintaining my voice. This has allowed me to attract new clients because I now have a consistent presence on social media platforms where my ideal clients hangout.” — Carey Buck,, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“When I decided to do my “first Google+ Hangout it was at a time when I was especially busy in my business, and I didn’t have a lot of time to spend online learning something new. I knew if anyone already knew about this new platform it would be Krizia. As soon as I contacted her she provided me with valuable information I needed so that I was able to shorten my learning curve dramatically.  Thanks Krizia!” — Sharon Vornholt , Innovative Property Solutions, LLC, Louisville, Kentucky

“I LOVE your program and it’s so timely as I have been anxious to learn how to effectively optimize my efforts not only for my clients, but for MY business videos as well, which I am currently recording. Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive package and for offering your expertise on video marketing. You exemplify such passion and it’s evident you really know your subject. You are a terrific teacher! I look forward to putting all the knowledge I am gaining to good use. Thank you, Miss K!” — Jaimie Skultety, President of Upscale Your Business


“I worked with Krizia for a period of time when she was contracted to be a contract Affiliate Manager for Defense Nutrition where I was Marketing Director. During that time, Krizia restructured a lot of our marketing communication and helped us successfully implement an affiliate area to increase our sales. Krizia is a person of high integrity and her work is beyond reproach. She delivers quickly and has an amazing grasp of the key elements that inspire marketers to become affiliates of your program. Without her wealth of knowledge, it would have taken us far longer and cost us far more to set-up the type of super affiliate program that attracts top affiliates. Working with Krizia was truly an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her expertise to any company looking to gain a marketing edge through affiliation.” — Rick Osborn, Former Marketing Director and co-author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet

“Krizia is passionate and committed to her work and someone who really gets the job done. Definitely an asset to the team and a highly capable JV expert!” — Robert Grant, Founder, Director, Social Media Marketing Expert at Crowd Conversion – Transforming Your Business Through Social Currency



“Krizia is a powerful, passionate and dedicated force of pure sales energy! We hired Krizia to gain traction in a difficult, over-crowed field of competition and she exceeded our greatest expectations. On a personal note, she is a joyful source of inspiration and is both ethical and competent. In a word, she is a consummate professional!” — E.R. Haas, CEO, Think T.Q.

“The first session I worked with Krizia, I couldn’t stop writing down notes of things I had do to. I walked into the Affiliate Management game with little to no experience and hiring Krizia to help us structure our Affiliate Management strategy was the best thing I did. Thanks to Krizia’s expertise in working on million dollar launches, she was able to help us structure our affiliate program in such a professional manner that we were able to attract fairly larger affiliates very quickly. Working with Krizia has cut out the guessing game on our part and we were able to learn from an expert who had worked with some of the top marketers out there.” Scott Armstrong |

“When Scott gave me a summary of his first session with Krizia, I was blown away and very excited to put into place the incredible advice of someone who had worked on multi-million dollar launches. I’ll be honest there are a lot of strategies I would have never have implemented had it not been for Krizia’s guidance and she’s helped make Best Affirmation a really successful launch.” Dr. Patricia Ross |

“Krizia is very accommodating and nice to work with. She pays close attention to my needs and requests, and makes sure I’m completely satisfied with the results of the promotion. Her passion for excellence, and dedication to the success of everyone she works with, makes her one of the most sought after affiliate managers in the industry.”
Michael Lee, How to be an Expert Persuader,


Here are testimonials from JV partners I was working closely with:

“I have worked with Krizia on dozens of Joint ventures since 2008. I am always relieved when I look at my calendar and see an upcoming promotion where we have partnered with Krizia. Based on her knowledge, professionalism and experience I know that I will receive deliverables on time, get my questions answered promptly and receive outstanding support!” — Jamie Albert, Self Improvement Online, Inc.


I’ve known Krizia since 2007 when she was an Affiliate Manager for Janet Switzer. Since then, I’ve know her to be a master at maintaining long-term relationships. The care Krizia lavishes on to the needs of partners and affiliates is truly extraordinary. When coupled with her in depth knowledge, insider edge, organization and incredible follow-up, success is ensured. Gary Ryan Blair’s September 2009 launch which generated over 7-figures is but one example of the ‘magic’ Krizia performs! If you are lucky enough to become a client, Krizia’s outstanding contact list of Top-A and Super Affiliates will give you access to work with some of the most sought after lists in the industry. — Elizabeth C. Bradford (Affiliate Manager for Spiritual Leaders)